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Company profile


Throughout our rich history, Geräte- und Akkumulatorenwerk Zwickau has always been at the forefront of technological development. Today we rank among the leading suppliers of industrial Ni-Cd batteries and energy storage solutions based on Li-ion batteries. 

We develop and manufacture Ni-Cd cells of highest quality, pushing the boundaries of this proven chemistry with innovative design features. Delivering customized battery solutions to customers around the world, our battery systems serve as backup power sources for critical equipment in industries ranging from oil and gas, energy and communications to transportation and other infrastructure. 

Our Li-ion battery storage solutions are tailored to complement renewable power generation within both utility-scale grid systems and industrial ESS installations. We offer systems in module, cabinet or container format, sized from 5 kWh to MWh scale. Each system is modular and easily scalable, while delivering exceptional safety and reliability thanks to a unique set of design and advanced safety features.

We are proud to be part of Bochemie Group.

European quality without compromise

Cooperating closely with leading certification companies such as DNV GL, LBA or the Bundeswehr, GAZ is approved to all relevant international standards including those applicable to both civil and military aviation.  

To maintain the reputation of GAZ solutions as one of themost reliable battery technology on the market, we are constantly investing in new production processes and continuous research and development. 

What does GAZ quality mean?      

  • Claim rate below 0,1 %     
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001     
  • Quality check at every production step     
  • Constant R&D
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