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Ni-Cd battery


Thanks to their exceptional ruggedness and minimal maintenance requirements, Ni-Cd batteries are the first choice for even the most challenging industrial, commercial, governmental and military applications.

  • GAZ Ni-Cd batteries offer 20+ years of battery lifetime with almost no maintenance effort
  • Their superb quality further contributes to the particularly low TCO of our battery systems
  • Hassle-free operation thanks to the chemistry's inherent immunity to sudden failure and GAZ batteries' abuse-proof design
  • Ni-Cd cells feature the widest operational temperature range of – 40 °C to + 50 °C
  • Their low self-discharge rate makes them ideal for applications where the battery may not be used for extended periods
  • GAZ battery electrodes are recyclable to more than 99 percent

Manufacturing Ni-Cd cells involves both chemistry as well as high-precision mechanical engineering. The production process focused on quality adds to their inherent ruggedness and reliability.

We offer three model ranges of Ni-Cd batteries, each optimized for a specific set of applications or requirements.

To find out what size and configuration of a Ni-Cd battery set is best suitable for your application, try out our Ni-Cd calculator.

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