Recycling policy

Recycling policy

Nickel, cadmium, caustic electrolyte, plastic cases, and iron - altogether accounting for 99 % of Ni-Cd battery which can be reused in a full manufacturing/recycling circle in order to preserve our planet as a green and healthy place we always wanted to live at. Design of GAZ batteries is made to keep this process effective, while at the same time not compromising the performance nor the lifetime.

To make sure that as much as possible our batteries are being recycled and properly disposed of, GAZ is arranging a collection in many parts of the world based on the client request while providing the suitable replacement to ensure continuous operation.

All GAZ batteries are disposed of with our long-term partners under strict regulations to comply with all local standards.

GAZ is providing an appropriate recycling testimonial with a unique recycling case number for complete traceability.

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