BOCHEMIE Group expands on American markets
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BOCHEMIE Group expands on American markets

As a leading manufacturer of industrial nickel-cadmium batteries, GAZ exports to more than 120 countries worldwide. In the Americas, some of GAZ's most important customers are based, including several global players in the oil and gas as well as other petrochemical industries. Therefore, our parent company BOCHEMIE Group has established a subsidiary, GAZ Energy LLC, based in Houston.

GAZ Energy will be provided with its own infrastructure, in particular a warehouse and a charging center, which will enable us to streamline and further develop GAZ's business activities in the US and other overseas markets.

"The establishment of a branch in the US will accelerate the global expansion of the BOCHEMIE Group. We will be closer to our customers in the Americas, such as Enersys, and it will also make it easier for us to forge new partnerships. After all, GAZ already has more than 2,200 customers around the world, with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Saudi Aramco. This year, therefore, we expect our battery business to grow by 20 percent, and GAZ Energy will certainly contribute to maintaining this high growth rate in the years to come," explains David Vodička, member of BOCHEMIE's Board of Directors.

"Our expanded presence on the American continent has already borne its first fruits in the form of a new partnership for the supply of battery storage for rail signaling equipment," adds Libor Čech, CEO of the newly founded company. He was previously the director of GAZ Middle East and was responsible for the completion of our factory in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, which will produce batteries for Middle Eastern markets.

Other major investment projects of the BOCHEMIE Group include the ongoing modernization of our main site in Zwickau, Germany, and in the foreseeable future, the GAZ will also enter a completely new market segment.

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