September 15, 2022: Cooperation exchange AkkumulatorenCampus
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September 15, 2022: Cooperation exchange AkkumulatorenCampus

Under the title AkkumulatorenCampus Zwickau, a network for regional manufacturers, users and suppliers of new battery technologies and associated research & development has been developing for several months. Quite deliberately, the focus is not exclusively on vehicle batteries and e-mobility, but on the entire diversity of energy storage systems.

On September 15, 2022, the network invited for the first time to a cooperation exchange with the title "AkkumulatorenCampus Zwickau", in which GAZ GmbH also participated as an exhibitor.

22 companies from all areas of battery technology presented their products, service offerings and know-how and took the opportunity to network with other exhibitors and numerous visitors.

Steve Lehrich, Technical Manager of GAZ, gave a presentation to an interested audience on the topic: "Nickel-Cadmium Batteries in Stationary Industrial Energy Systems".

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