We unveiled a whole new line of innovative storage systems
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We unveiled a whole new line of innovative storage systems

Recently, GAZ representatives attended ees Europe, the continent’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems. The centerpieces of our presence at the fair were a LFP cell and two mockups of battery storages in cabinet and container format. These exhibits served as samples for a new product line by means of which GAZ, a renowned manufacturer of Ni-Cd batteries, now enters the realm of Li-ion chemistry.

Based on high-quality LFP cells, our newly introduced storage systems are distinguished by a particularly robust design which incorporates several unique safety features. These include an array of sensors not just on system and battery levels, but extending to each individual cell. Our storage systems also stand out with their superb manufacturing quality and exceptional reliability, offering a very favorable TCO. Sized from hundreds of kWh to several MWh, they allow users to get the most out of renewable energy generation.

If you want to learn more about our new product line, feel free to contact us for technical and application details.

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